Meet the Cast

Matt Fox spent a summer living among sea lions. When it came to winter, they all took a vote and kicked him out, except for Snagglepuss the Sea Lion who abstained. It still hurts Matt’s feelings to this day, so he’d rather you not mention it. He knows a lot of Sherlock stuff, so talk about that instead.

Maya Haughton is a deep undercover FBI agent. So much so, that’s she’s in too deep and can’t go back. She’s so attached to her fake identity that she’s gone off the grid and hasn’t called her handler for weeks. Her handler, Barry, would appreciate you giving him a call, but there’s no way Maya’s gonna agree to giving that information over to you. Her handler Barry is in a lot of trouble over this case.

If you choose to believe her cover identity, after enduring years on the rough and tumble streets of Iowa City, IA and Tempe, AZ respectively, Maya made her way to Chicago to pursue her big city dreams. She has worked with Second City Theatricals on the Norwegian Cruise Line “Epic” and performed with Second City’s Outreach and Diversity Ensemble. Maya was also an ensemble member of Improv Asylum’s National Touring Company based in Boston, MA. Anyway, Sherlock is a good outlet for her.

Stephen Kadwell came to Chicago from Kalamazoo by way of Orlando. He fell in love with Improv in Kalamazoo, played at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, Fl (which you should check out if ever visit) and is now proud to call Under The Gun home. He has been a fan of Sherlock Holmes since elementary school when for some reason he began reading Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle’s work.

Jordan Mathews was bitten by a werewolf and a vampire at the exact same time, so they cancelled each other out. Other than some slightly sharp canine teeth and the fact that he won’t faint at the sight of blood, he’s pretty much a normal guy. One time while surfing he was bitten by a shark, but that kind of bite doesn’t give you anything except fear of the ocean. Jordan has seen The Great Mouse Detective, maybe.

Will Meinen lives in and rules the Lonely Mountain, hoarding the many treasures that are trapped inside, including the Arkenstone. He also goes by Will the Magnificent and Will the Tyrannical, among many names. He likes gold and other shiny things. He and Sherlock are on surprisingly good terms.

Matt Pina competed in the Olympic Long Jump every four years for the past thirty-six years, and each of those nine times he got the silver medal. Eventually the Olympic Committee told him to stay home, since clearly the US team wasn’t that in need of a second place winner. He took his collection of medals, hit everyone in the head, and now he does the Sherlock show for fun.

Zach Scot is an improviser by day and a stone cold killer at night. He stalks the countryside, in search of “fresh meat”, and frequently can be found in the backs of bars scowling while he sketches impressionist art on cocktail napkins. His favorite flavor combination is beer and people. Blah blah blah, something about Sherlock.

Matthew Tucker was just a high school science class skeleton display until a young witch testing her newly discovered powers brought him to life. Though he lives in constant pain and has a general bemusement of human nature, he fits in just fine at any party so long as there’s a cheese dip. He says that Sherlock Holmes is the only man who understands him.

Kayla Tyson hails from the mysterious and spooky land of Florida. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago. Kayla likes improv, coffee, and hoarding books.Her favorite Sherlock is Robert Downey Jr, as her favorite everything tends to be Robert Downey Jr.

Alex Wiseman escaped from a mutant holding cell in Paris, Texas. She claims to have mutant abilities that allow her to scale walls and then walk through them. She has yet to demonstrate these abilities, as she says that doing so would only risk her under the radar status. I don’t believe her. She states that Sherlock Holmes is a fan of hers.


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